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  • “I was a little skeptical, when my friend from work asked me to try Noelle Organics Leave in Conditioner - I am allergic to array of ingredients in most products not only did I not have an allergic reaction to Noelle Organics, my hair felt amazing. I soon finished the gifted bottle and ordered more. Looking forward to trying the shampoo and conditioner.”

    Ruth Montilla
  • “I’ve been a client of Leo for over 3 years and the first time she tried Noelle Organics on my hair I felt in love with the products. Not only to how soft my hair felt but at how heathy it looked and my blowout looked good days”

  • “I’ve been using Noelle Organics for a little over 4 months now, and they’re the absolute BEST! I was blonde for 5 years, bleaching my hair every 6 weeks and my curls were completely gone. From the moment I used Noelle Organics, my curls are back, has grown so much & healthier! I have more shine and volume. Let’s not forget the AMAZING smell. These products have brought my hair back to life & I couldn’t be happier 🥰🥰🥰”

  • "The scalp oil in amazing! I usually have to use a prescription shampoo (Ketoconazole) my daughter's dry scalp. This scalp oil is working so well, that we haven't had a need to use the prescription shampoo for weeks now. Great smell too!"

  • Having 3C curls and very thin, I’ve used many products and nothing has been better and more efficient than Noelle Organics. It has left my hair so soft and hydrated and I have really seen how fast my hair has grown in over the last few weeks that I haven’t seen with any other products I’ve tried. I recently dyed my hair and I’ve been trying to use products with ingredients that one I can read and understand and have work so well for me. I definitely recommend her healthy scalp oil and leave in conditioner for curly hair, it leave my hair so soft and moisturized and really locks in the moisture I need.